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Homeless for 15 Years, Orange County Vet Has a Place to Call Home

Apr 1, 2024

Terry, a veteran, encountered homelessness for the first time in 2009 in the city of Fullerton following the dissolution of his marriage. His journey into homelessness happened when he couldn’t find supportive assistance after his divorce. This led him to not being able to find a place to live.

Terry began his life on the streets, turning to alcohol to deal with what his life had become.  Terry had several interactions with the Fullerton Police Department and outreach workers, where he was offered services to help him, but he declined the help each time.

Terry a homeless veteran poses for a picture

During the summer of 2023, outreach coordinators from the HOPE Center diligently met with Terry weekly. Finally, in August 2023, Terry accepted veteran support and housing services that the coordinators had set up for him. Terry was connected with Veterans Affairs (VA) and Volunteers of America (VOA) team members to access veteran services.

By working together, the coordinators and team members from the HOPE Center, VA, and VOA ensured that Terry’s housing documents were obtained.

In October 2023, Terry was accepted for housing at Potter’s Lane in Midway City. While waiting for all the steps necessary to get Terry into housing were completed, the VOA provided him with a motel room in the meantime.

In March 2024, Terry moved into his housing managed by American Family Housing at Potter’s Lane. In this supportive environment, Terry will continue to receive assistance from American Family Housing and the VA to maintain his housing stability. This marks a significant milestone for Terry, who is now relishing the experience of living in his own apartment after enduring 15 years of homelessness.