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Orange County’s HOPE Center Reunites Homeless Couple with Family in Another State

Jun 24, 2024

Carla and Matthew, originally from Florida, faced tremendous uncertainty after exhausting their resources during a temporary stay in Orange County. Their situation seemed dire until they met Officer Bishop, a Homeless Liaison Officer with the City of Fullerton, who recognized their need for support and connected them with HOPE Center OC.

Upon reaching out, the couple was connected with Fullerton’s Homeless Outreach Coordinator stationed at HOPE Center OC. Following a thorough assessment, Carla and Matthew were deemed eligible for relocation support services. Thanks to the incredible partnership between the City of Fullerton and our center, their expenses were covered, facilitating a reunion with loved ones in Ocala, FL.

Holistic Approach to Homelessness

At HOPE Center OC, we provide a range of services to address the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness. Our approach involves both reactive and proactive measures to ensure timely and appropriate support.

Dispatch Calls: These non-emergency calls, received by HOPE Center’s Dispatch Line, originate from individuals experiencing homelessness, concerned community members, and police transfers. Dispatchers assess and prioritize the calls, deploying service providers or dispatch teams to respond appropriately. In April 2024, the HOPE Center received 675 calls, with 236 requiring dispatch services.

Proactive Engagements: During periods of low call activity, dispatch teams actively engage with homeless individuals in known hotspots within participating cities, offering immediate support, resources, and referrals. In April 2024, there were 85 proactive engagements, aimed at building relationships and addressing immediate needs.

Accepted Services: These refer to instances where homeless individuals agree to receive assistance, such as shelter referrals, case management, housing documentation assistance, and more. In April 2024, there were 161 accepted services, providing vital support to those in need.