Where hope meets action

Making a Difference, One Life at a Time

We’re a groundbreaking partnership across multiple cities and disciplines with one vital mission: to bring reliable relief and consistent support to individuals experiencing homelessness in the North Orange County Service Planning Area (SPA).

Right People, Right Resources, Right Now

We don’t just provide resources; we ensure they are targeted and timely.

Our mantra of “Right people, right resources, right now” drives every decision we make.

United in Purpose

We work tirelessly to unify the efforts of North Orange County cities, community organizations, behavioral health street practitioners, and community health workers. By doing so, we enhance our community’s ability to plan, manage, and allocate resources effectively. This collaborative approach ensures that help is not only available but is also appropriate and expedient.

Why Does This Matter?

The traditional approach to addressing homelessness has often been fragmented, leaving gaps that vulnerable individuals can slip through. We aim to fill those gaps by centralizing resources, coordinating responses, and integrating data.

Together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Meet our Amazing Team

HOPE Center Executive Director, Kellee Fritzal

Kellee Fritzal

Executive Director

HOPE Center Operations Manager, Sarah Bernal

Sarah Bernal

Operations Manager

HOPE Center Outreach Coordinator, Rosa Torres

Rosa Torres

Outreach Coordinator

HOPE Center Outreach Coordinator, Guillermo Mendez Clara

Guillermo Mendez Clara

Outreach Coordinator

HOPE Center Outreach Coordinator, Ramon Guzman

Ramon Guzman

Outreach Coordinator

HOPE Center Outreach Coordinator, Aimee Hurtado

Aimee Hurtado

Outreach Coordinator

HOPE Center Outreach Coordinator, Elmer Flores

Elmer Flores

Outreach Coordinator

HOPE Center Dispatch Manager (OG), Sharon Corydon

Sharon Corydon

Dispatch Manager (OG)

HOPE Center Community Manager (OG), William Choi

William Choi

Community Manager (OG)

HOPE Center Sr. Community Member (OG), Kimberly Pang

Kimberley Pang

Sr. Community Member (OG)

HOPE Center Police Commander, Lt. Michael Hines

Lt. Michael Hines

Police Commander

HOPE Center Officer, Officer Branden Pinder

Brandon Pinder


Board of Directors

Brian Donahue


Stephanie Goedl


Carol McCann


Frank Nunes

Board Member

Soo Kang

Board Member