Uniting Cities, Changing Lives

A Unified Approach to Tackling Homelessness

The fight against homelessness cannot be won alone. It takes a community, or in our case, multiple communities. HOPE Center OC believes in the power of partnerships—uniting cities and organizations under one common goal: to eradicate homelessness and improve lives.

Our City Partners

Unity In Action: Communities Working Together

The struggles of homelessness are not limited by city borders, which is why HOPE Center OC is incredibly proud to have 11 city partners across North Orange County:


Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, Cypress, Fullerton, La Habra, La Palma, Orange, Placentia, Stanton, and Yorba Linda.

Each of these cities, although unique, faces common challenges related to homelessness

Increased calls to police departments

Stretched Social Services

Communities in need of support

In recognizing these shared struggles, our partner cities have opted for a strategy of collaboration over isolation. Working together, we’ve been able to pool resources, centralize data, and integrate outreach efforts, thereby exponentially increasing our impact and the efficiency of our services. This joint approach not only relieves the individual burdens on each city but forms a formidable coalition that is far more capable of driving systemic change.

Through this collective endeavor, we’re fulfilling our mantra of delivering “the right people, right resources, right now,” not just in one city but across an entire region. This is unity in action, making our multi-city partnership innovative and effective.

Our Extended Network of Partners

Collaborating Across Sectors for Greater Impact

Outreach Grid logo

Mapping Our Way to Change

Outreach Grid is a systematic way of identifying and reaching the homeless population in multiple cities. It streamlines efforts and ensures that resources are used efficiently. By synchronizing our data and initiatives, we’re ensuring that the right resource gets to the right person at the right time.

Volunteers of America Logo

A National Force for Local Change

Volunteers of America have been indispensable in enhancing our mission. Their dedication amplifies our ability to provide essential services ranging from mental health support to basic necessities for those in need.

Are you ready to get involved?

Become a Partner in Progress

If you represent a city or an organization that is passionate about making homelessness a thing of the past, we want to hear from you.

Find out how you can become a part of this community-wide mission.