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Our Mission Statement

The HOPE Center of Orange County is a ground-breaking multi-city, multi-disciplinary partnership that seeks to establish community-wide coordination and standardization in homeless outreach and engagement by centralizing resources, coordinating responses, and integrating data.

Our Mission is to help individuals experiencing homelessness in the North Orange County Service Planning Area (SPA) gain more reliable relief and consistent support.  The HOPE Center’s mantra is “The right resource to the right person at the right time.” We work diligently to align the efforts and strategies of North Orange County cities, community-based organizations, behavioral health street practitioners, and community health workers to improve the capacity of the homeless services system to effectively plan, manage, and allocate resources so that responses are appropriate and expedient.

Helping One Family At A Time

A Success Story

Outreach in Action

In June, HOPE Center Dispatch received a call for service regarding a couple living out of their car outside the Buena Park Senior Center. Outreach Coordinators met the couple to help them find a place off the street.

Tim and Celeste had been homeless since 2014, trying to survive in their car. HOPE Center staff in collaboration with the Buena Park Homeless Outreach Team was able to coordinate services, including a shelter with couple beds.

Our coordinators spent the next five months helping them with housing documents to match them to a housing opportunity. They moved in within a month of being matched to a new apartment. As of the end of November, they are housed and ready to move on to the next stage of their journey. Thank you, Tim and Celeste, for letting us share your story and allowing us to be part of it.

OCHC Success story

Member Spotlight

Meet Our Amazing Team

Rosa Torres headshot

Rosa Torres

Rosa has been working in homeless services since 2018.

Rosa grew up in North Orange County and has been working with the homeless population in North Orange County for the past 5 years.

She joined the Hope Center of Orange County in June 2023. She is excited to work alongside a very talented and passionate team that provides the homeless population in North Orange County with resources to assist them in obtaining a better quality of life.

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December 2023 Newsletter

December 2023 Newsletter

Happy Holidays! What a year it has been! Thank you for your support of the HOPE Center of Orange County.

The HOPE Center’s mission is…

November 2023 Newsletter

November 2023 Newsletter

The Rotary Club of Fullerton awarded $1,500 to the HOPE Center for homeless; A homeless man gets shelter and applies for services with HOPE Center OC’s assistance.

November 2023 Newsletter

October 2023 Newsletter

81 year-old woman receives shelter thanks to HOPE Center OC; Partner spotlight – Outreach Grid; HOPE Center’s Aimee Hurtado makes a difference everyday helping others.

A word from our governor.

“I’m extraordinarily enthusiastic about what this state has done to seed real reforms and real strategies to support novel programs like this that are all about data… all about outcomes… creating platforms – literally and figuratively – of engagement… breaking down silos… and creating partnerships.”

– Governor Gavin Newsom

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Wishing you a day filled with hope, love, and joy. Happy Easter! 🐰 

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Our fourth pillar of support is: The Philosophy - Data-Driven, Human-Centered

The HOPE Center serves as a centralized hub for service workers, helping them respond in real-time to the pressing issues related to street homelessness. Our work is rooted in evidence-based practices and data-driven metrics. We are not just a one-off solution but a replicable model designed to create long-lasting impact.

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Our team remains steadfast in their goal to connect clients to services and create a pathway to housing. We love seeing numbers like this and are grateful for everyone that helped make this happen 🧡

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SUCCESS STORY 🧡 Michael Wally, a Veteran, has been going back and forth between street homelessness and shelters since 2016. 

HOPE Center Outreach Coordinator Guillermo Mendez contacted him in May 2023 and, over the next nine months, worked with @volunteersofamericala and @deptvetaffairs to get him resources and a pathway toward housing. In February 2024, Michael was matched to Veteran’s Village and was placed in a motel until the HOPE Center could complete his housing documents. 

As of March 7, 2024, Michael Wally is officially in his own apartment. Thank you, Michael, for your service to our country! 🇺🇸

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