Currently serving Buena Park, Brea, Fullerton, Placentia, and Stanon. More cities coming soon.

A Balanced Approach To Rebuilding Lives

Our Four Pillars of Support

We rely on four pillars to bring our mission to life: The Technology, The Approach, The Team, and The Philosophy. These are not mere words but the framework that allows us to offer effective solutions for our most vulnerable populations.

The Technology

Where Technology Empowers Compassion

We use Outreach Grid. An advanced, unified platform comprised of outreach, dispatch management, encampment, case management, shelter, and housing tools that enable real-time collaboration and data collection at the point of work. A system that enables service delivery and data collection to be done at the point of work to provide to individuals experiencing homelessness. This enables us to make optimal referrals based on a complete, current client file, offering case managers a clear and viable pathway to housing for our clients.

The Approach

Meeting You Where You Are

We understand that homelessness is not confined to a building or an office, and neither are our services. Our HOPE Center Mobile Office Vehicle allows us to meet our clients at the point of contact—directly on the streets. This mobile office and other vehicles provides stabilization, respite, and a welcoming environment where we can make real-time linkages to shelter, case management, and transportation.

The Team

Collaborative Care and Expertise

Our team is the backbone of our organization, comprised of experienced homeless outreach coordinators dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients. We collaborate closely with the County, other non-profits and local law enforcement agencies to ensure comprehensive support and care.

The Philosophy

Data-Driven, Human-Centered

The HOPE Center serves as a centralized hub for service workers, helping them respond in real time to the pressing issues related to street homelessness. Our work is rooted in evidence-based practices and data-driven metrics. We are not just a one-off solution but a replicable model designed to create long-lasting impact.

Unifying Communities and Organizations To Eradicate Homelessness

Join us in our mission to foster collaboration and unity, bringing communities and organizations together to work collectively towards the common goal of eradicating homelessness.

Centralizing Resources

By uniting diverse resources for homelessness, we make sure the right aid gets to the right person at the right time.

Integrating Data

Utilizing our specialized software, we ensure every decision made is backed by accurate and timely data.

Coordinating Responses

With our Mobile Office and diverse team, we are committed to both timely and specifically tailored services.

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